Who we are

We are a dynamic team of creative people who believe in inspiring moments. We are one team with a diverse group of people with a multitude of creative talents, this blend of ideas, comes together to capture the perfect moment to create the emotional trigger that a brand needs. Humans are built on emotions. Different moments, trigger different emotions. We identify these exact triggers and create memories that make lasting impressions to our audiences.

We are SERA 

Our “Chili Story”

Anyone who knows “Sera Idea”, knows the Fresh Bright Red Chili.

But, why a Chili?

Answer is simple. Everyone who has tasted ‘chili’ in their food knows that it makes food more exciting, interesting and that it adds unexpected twists to the total flavour. Or as some would say the experience. Communications is also just that – Creating an engaging experience. We at Sera combine our understanding of human insights in relation to the brands communication needs and create communication which becomes a multisensorial experience for the audience.
Making our communication unforgettable ‘Moments’.

The individual elements of the Chili and how it represents our team and culture

Why we do it better?

While most agencies will talk about 360°, we actually are. Having the complete skill set from Strategy, Creative & Art Direction, AV Production & Editing, BTL Production and Event Management under one roof, means that there is complete cohesion throughout, from the campaign development all the way to the execution phase.

And what does it mean for our clients, complete integration of all aspects of their communication campaign, cost savings since most aspects are controlled and managed in-house, higher quality of output as the same team is involved in every step of the process.